Operational infrastructure

Federated servers

IncidentKit is not a single server solution - multiple servers, potentially hosted by different agencies, can co-operate. This environment allows incident rooms and pubsub nodes to be shared across agencies. It also enables servers to be deployed at an incident, but still be part of this network of collaborating servers.

App deployment

Unlike most consumer apps you want much greater control over when apps are deployed and to whom. IncidentKit allows you to define the group of users you want to deploy an app to; this might be because you want to test it initially with a small group or because it's targeted at specific groups of users.

Apps are deployed to devices in real time, with no involvement required from the user. The same is true for new versions of apps.

Server deployed to a stand-alone appliance

It is not only apps that can be deployed to devices, but also servers - this is particularly useful when a server is required to run on say a fire engine or other vehicle to enable local connectivity at an incident.

Device monitoring, surveys and user feedback

The best, most usable apps are refined over time based on real usage in the field. Incident Kit provides the means to monitor how the device is performing (e.g. battery levels over time) and post surveys to users to gain their feedback.