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Managing Incidents in the field with your smartphone

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Creating Incident Management apps for smartphones and the web

Savage Minds is a UK based software developer specialising in apps to enable time‑critical communication between people, allowing them to collaborate effectively, regardless of their location.

We take an initial idea, such as:

  • making the mobilisation of fire officers more efficient or
  • providing a tracking and emergency response solution for school trips
from working prototypes all the way through to a production system.

Our core product - IncidentKit - makes it easy to create custom Incident Management apps that meet an organisation's specific needs.

What is an incident?

By incident we mean a time‑critical event or situation that requires a group of users to work together to resolve.

Often these users have different capabilities and responsibilities and may be employed by different organisations, but they need to be brought together to resolve an incident, using both data and voice communication to achieve this. Typically participants are geographically distributed so supporting different device types from smartphone to desktop is vital.

Examples of incidents include:

  • Fire Services collaborating together along with other Blue Light Services to put out a burning vehicle. It is critical the right equipment and personnel are brought together, regardless of the agency they work for.
  • Electricity company coordinating critical network maintenance that requires shutting down the network in an area. It is crucial that their contractors collaborate to ensure the right assets and skills are available and the general public kept informed.
  • The police assisting a social worker who hasn’t reported in from a home visit. The nearest, appropriately skilled police officer needs to go to the last home the social worker visited, with relevant information about the social worker and the person they are visiting.

Time critical applications

Our services

We can provide a wide range of services to those wishing to create custom incident management apps

From idea to working prototype

From a rough idea we can produce working prototypes and iteratively refine them based on use in the field.

Deliver for production use

An IncidentKit based working prototype app doesn't need to be re‑developed for production, but it does require more rigorous testing, which we can carry out under the kinds of conditions expected in the real world.

Managing production systems

We manage our own hosting environment where customers have a dedicated IncidentKit server instance.

Emergency Response Centre

Through our partners we can provide outsourced Emergency Response capabilities - managed 24/7.

Smartphone, tablets and the web

Incident Management apps - the challenges

Creating Incident Management apps

What needs to be considered when creating Incident Management apps?

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Clearly given the nature of incidents technology can be used to help those involved communicate efficiently and make decisions based on having the right information at their fingertips.

But creating these complex apps from scratch can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. There is potentially a lot they have to do, such as:

  • ensure real-time communication between those involved in the incident.
  • share multi-media information
  • enable multiple agencies to collaborate
  • provide access to information needed
  • support operating procedures

And of course these apps need to run on a wide range of devices - smartphones, tablets and desktops.

As well as handling different connectivity environments from WiFi to mobile and even no connectivity at all.

Managing apps in the field

The task isn't over once the app is created: there is still the issue of supporting it in the field.

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These operational challenges include:
  • Supporting and diagnosing problems with devices in the field.
  • Automatic deployment and installation of updated versions of apps to the right groups of users.
  • Conducting surveys and getting feedback from users to help improve the apps.

The solution - IncidentKit

Enabling a new class of apps

IncidentKit - Components

IncidentKit contains a set of components that make it easy to quickly develop cross-platform Incident Management apps.

These components cover key areas, including:

  • Team support
  • Virtual Incident room
  • Publish and subscribe nodes
  • Software agents
  • Asset management - people and equipment
  • Support for standardised procedures
  • Auditing
  • Third party integration

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IncidentKit - Operational Infrastructure

IncidentKit provides an infrastructure to enable these apps to operate and be effectively managed.

This includes support for:

  • Federated servers
  • Select app deployment to different groups
  • Running a server as a stand-alone appliance
  • Monitoring and managing devices
  • Conducting user surveys and gathering feedback

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Rapid app creation

Our Projects

Latest projects we've been working on

Tracking and Emergency Response

Our customer required multiple incident management apps, each meeting slightly different requirements, supporting both Android and iPhone.
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Fire Service

We have been working with a UK-based Fire Service on an app that helps senior fire officers keep up-to-date with incidents using smartphones as their primary device.
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Toglebox helps geographically dispersed friends and family share the everyday experience of watching TV together, even when they're miles apart.
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Experienced team

Meet our executive team

Mark Melling


Prior to founding Savage Minds, Mark was co-founder and CTO at Intuwave (1999 – 2005), Technology Manager at Symbian (1998-9) and Senior Engineering Manager at Psion (1995-8).

Mark holds a BSc in mathematics. He has extensive mobile & embedded device experience and a successful track record bringing commercial software to market for leading mobile ecosystem companies.

Mark Terry

Business Development Director

Before Savage Minds, Mark was VP Marketing & Sales at Geotate, the Philips Software spin-out (2005-9), Sales Director at Intuwave (2002-4), NGN Applications Director at Gemplus (1997-2002) and Sales Manager at Motorola (1992-7).

Mark was educated at Bristol University, has worked in mobile from the days of TACS and has extensive international experience with manufacturers in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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